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tell them what i hoped would be impossible.
this is a blog in dedication to James Arthur and how pretty he is :) if you like james you're in the right place. share the love. James loves you :)

Aww no problem Hun x do you know what you're wearing because it has to be posh?x

I have no idea, I’m so far from posh ahaha but there’s a dress I’ve seen, you? X

11 hours ago
Aww I hope it does I've met him a few times but not a proper conversation and no selfie of us together but I'm still hopefull. If I can't have one at least you can your blog is brill so you do deserve it prayin you get to x

We only had a brief moment one time and that’s it!

and that means soo much thankyou babe! I’m soo happy people like it!

thankyou again x

20 hours ago
Wow you are incredibly lucky does this mean he's doing a meet an greet or is this only for you and who's your aunts how does she posses these magical powers x

knowing my luck it won’t happen :(((( so I’m not getting my hopes up!

idk what is say anyway

and my aunty is only slightly magic aha

20 hours ago
:000000000000 YOU MIGHT GET TO MEET HIM... WHAT? WHY?!!x

through my aunty aha 

all he has to do is say yes and my luck may be in :O 

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Aww why are you going on your own? I'm going with a friend and my mum she loves him just as much as I do aha and we can talk and stuff xx

cause i might be meeting him but im not from newmarket and none of my friends like him enough aha

my mum is coming with me lol 

and yayaya friends! 

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hii love! do you think you can send me the link to the video of where these gifs were taken from please?? thank you!! jamesarthurpoland (.) tumblr (.) com/post/82002123018/love-this-man-so-hot

can’t find it! but it was an instagram video of that place james went begining with ‘Y’ 

sorry babe

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Ahh been in love with your blog for ages, you're going to new market too!!! We need to fan girl together x

aw thankyou thankyou thankyou! 


im fully going on my own which is so embarrassing so need people to talk to me :( don’t wanna be lonely 

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Haha I don't know, im kind of used to it I guess ;) :) haha yeaaaah cant wait till it arrives :) xxx

aww im jealous! and woooo! james jumpers :D!

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Omg babe I ordered the jumper today! :) xx

OMG yayayaya! :D 

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I live in the Netherlands xx

i bet it’s really pretty :(( xx

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If you haven’t already I 100% recommend you go see the new Spider-Man film it has fully broken me!

wow what an absolutely AMZING FILM!
I also suggest seeing it in IMAX

However if you are photo sensitive there is a few strong strobe lighting scenes
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Yeaaah haha how cool :) ahh thats nice! Xx

where do you reside then? aha xx

2 days ago

 James has been nominated in 5 categories of the World Music Awards 

so get your votes in for the boy


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