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tell them what i hoped would be impossible.
this is a blog in dedication to James Arthur and how pretty he is :) if you like james you're in the right place. share the love. James loves you :)

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got a selfie with this babe today at a little festival called reading 

sweetest guy and one of my fave humans

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James Arthur ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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this made me giggle aha

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Ok is this the real James Arthur blog

nope we aren’t james,

sorry :)

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the world lost a truly amazing man today, its sad to think that a person who can in force so much joy and happiness into the world can struggle to do the same within himself 

don’t suffer in silence, you are never alone, reach out to someone 

'to live would be an awfully big adventure’ - Hook (1991)

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me and lilli are together! having cute days out! 

listening to james ;) 

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Our boy James Arthur in that hard aboriginal on black.

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credit to whoevers photo this is - found on twitter! 

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