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tell them what i hoped would be impossible.
this is a blog in dedication to James Arthur and how pretty he is :) if you like james you're in the right place. share the love. James loves you :)

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credit to whoevers photo this is - found on twitter! 

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James Arthur @ Meo Marés Vivas ‘14 © Marta Ribeiro

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late but

i finally have a laptop that is brand new and functioning YAY for me so within the following weeks i’ll try to catch up on a bit more blogging, i’ve kinda fell back, a bit because of having no laptop and a bit cause of other various reasons.

sorry, I’m back now tho hopefully 

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no, not when you’re from Oldham and you say ‘TASH-KENT’ i’m sure that’s not how you pronounce it.

— Matty Healy // making a subtle dig to the oldham accent on Radio 1 has made my day  (via iseeyourgrace)
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Attack of the Dogs

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Happy birthday :)

Thankyou :))

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Thankyou for my birthday wishes guys

love you all

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happy birthday 🎉🎁

Thankyou!! X

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Happy Birthday 

Thankyou!! 🎈

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